Saturday, January 5, 2013

SUNsational Saturday, Top 13 Places to Visit in 2013

SUNsational Saturday

Takes you to the TOP Places to Visit in 2013

What are you waiting for,
 go pack your suitcases and buckle up
for today's 5 minute vacation
from your everyday life!
1.  San Sebastian, Spain

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2. Oslo, Norway
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3.  Kentucky
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4.  Kenya
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5. Alaska
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6.  Rotterdam, Netherlands
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7.  San Francisco
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8.  St. George, Utah
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9.  Istanbul
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10.  Highlands, Scotland
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11.  Greek Islands
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12.  Southwest Virginia
AKA-Home Sweet Home
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13.  St. Lucia
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Photos copied from Pinterest
Happy Traveling!
Watch for these 13 beauties to be spotlighted
in future SUNsational Saturdays!


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ice, Ice Thursday

Anything Goes Thursday

Ice Sculptures

What is it about an ice sculpture that gets everyones attention
and has us all oohing & aahing in a
matter of seconds? 
Is it the beauty, the uniqueness, the time that it takes to sculpt it
or something else entirely?
I'm not sure what it is, but ever since I was a child,
I always come to a dead stop when I see one!
So grab a hot cup of coffee and join me in taking
a 5 minute vacation to admire these beauties!
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Penguin ice sculpture
Pictures copied from Pinterest
Happy Traveling!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year ❋ Feliz Año Nuevo ❋ Felice Anno Nuovo ❋ Feliz Ano Novo ❋ Bonne Annee ❋ Prosit Neujahr

Tropical Tuesday, Happy 2013!
Beach Champagne
I hope that everyone had a great time
ringing in the New Year with friends & family!
To celebrate the start of  2013,  lets take a 5 minute vacation
to beautiful, Nanuya Island!

Palm trees
Beach Footprints
Floating nut
Nanuya Island 2
Tavewa Reef
Reef Diving
Nanuya Island Resort
Village punt
Hilltop Bure
Orange Sundown
Palm Sunset
Ahhhh, I think I might have just found my own kind of paradise!
Happy Travels!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday in the City, Chicago

Sunday in the City Goes to
Today we are taking a 5 minute walk
around one of my favorite cities,
Above photo copied from Trip Advisor 
Take in a game or two!
Wrigley Field
Field Museum, Chicago
Visit the museums!
Do some shopping at one of the many stores
on  the Magnificent Mile
and keep your eyes open
for some of these beauties!

Take a bus tour of the city!


 Spend a few hours at Navy Pier!
Stop by one of the many restaurants or . . .

 street vendors!
Happy Travels!