Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flip Flop & Fancy Free

Flip Flops+Sandals=I'm in LOVE!
How can anyone be in a bad mood
when they have flip flops on their feet!
The Red Flip Flops - ACEO print of oil pastel painting
If  you are like me, you would be happy if you could wear
flip flops all day everyday!
I discovered these stylish and trendy Chula Flip Flops while on vacation last year!
They are so comfortable and not restrictive on your feet so you can wear them for just about any outing.
You can mix different strings with different bases to match anything! 
My favorite mix up is the dark base paired with
brown strings and a brown/dark blue glass bead.
They are so easy to wear and you can
wrap the strings however your mood strikes you!
Chula Mysterious
Chula Mysterious
Chula Chic
Chula Chic
Access Passion
Access Touche

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