Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday in the City-Venice, Italy

Sunday in the City

Goes to Venice, Italy

I LOVE, love, love this quote
Most of the time there is no place that I would rather be
than sitting in a chair where the ocean meets the sand.
You know the place!
Where your toes are in the cool blue water.
Where the WaVeS gently wash up on your legs
the rest of your body is soaking up the warm sunshine!
The place where your body is in perfect balance! 
The place where the rest of the world disappears! 
On MOST days, that would be my perfect place!
sometimes I just get that feeling,
the one that says,
 "I want to be lost in a city!"
A city where I can go unnoticed.
A city where I can go at my own leisurely pace,
but at the same time be surrounded with all of the hustle and bustle
that a city has to offer.
A place where I can forget about everything else
except for what I am doing at that moment!
Even though I have never traveled to Venice, Italy
I imagine that it would be just
that type of place!
So sit back and enjoy your daily 5 minute
getaway  . . .
& then tell me what your perfect place is!
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San Marco Interior  Venice
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Happy Traveling!

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